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Our insurance agency is run by Mavromatis Marios in Paros, with many years of experience in the business of helping people.

Our company offers insurance services for individuals and for professionals.

We help consumers save money, we help businesses reduce risk and we help families protect and preserve their financial future.

We associate with the most reliable insurance companies in Greece and abroad and we guarantee you the most appropriate compensation.

We show responsibility and respect to our clients and we develop our products according to the needs of the market.

We are one of the most important insurance agencies in Cyclades. We respect your money and we adjust our prices in order to be the most competitive of the market.

We look forward to answer all your inquires and to make the best suggestions for your needs.

Our aim is to help you with any problem that may come up, and we remain always aware of issues related to the insurance market

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The best rates you will find today for your car insurance.

car[1]  price
900cc 55€
1000cc 62€
1200cc 62€
1400cc 70€
1600cc 78€

These rates for car insurance are for simple basic coverage packages, driver 40 years old, 6 months insurance, diploma over 15 years and vehicle 8 years old

Which car insurance brands do we work with?

We compare dozens of the biggest insurance providers in the country, including: