Car is the most popular mean of transport among people. Car insurance is necessary for our protection. Insurance reassures financial compensation in case of car accident. The insurance covers all cases of car accident including car damages or injuries.

Driving is always a risky activity no matter how carefully we drive. Legally driving requires car insurance as this is described by the law.

In our insurance company leading by Marios Mavromatis in Paros we are aware of the financial difficulties and we try to offer to our clients the best and most affordable insurance services by reliable companies.

car[1]  price
900cc 55€
1000cc 62€
1200cc 62€
1400cc 70€
1600cc 78€

These rates for car insurance are for simple basic coverage packages, driver 40 years old, 6 months insurance, diploma over 15 years and vehicle 8 years old

We’re 100% independent, working only for our customers
Unlike some of our competitors, Marios Mavromatis is not owned by an insurance company. So we can offer the best value, with savings delivered straight to you.

We combine independence, so we can negotiate the best prices, with excellent technology, to find the best value products and services.

For any further information please contact with us.

What do you need to get a quote?

Details of the car
The car’s registration number if you have it to hand. If not, the car make and model is fine. We’ll also need the car’s age and any modifications you’ve made

What you’ll use the car for
Social, commuting or business, and how many miles you think you’ll do a year. You’ll also need to say where you’ll keep the car at night for security

Your details
Including your job, your age and your address

No-claims discount (NCD) history
Details of your no-claims discount will help lower the price you are quoted.

Your licence
The type of licence you have and how long you’ve held it. You can also add any additional driving qualifications you have here