paros health insurance

Health insurance covers our clients in case of any illness or accident. People insured with health insurance are entitled to receive money for their medical expenses and compensation equal to their income as long as they are not able to work

According to the needs and wishes of any client, health insurance can offer a variety of services :

  • primary medical care
  • hospitalization
  • family packages
  • group packages
  • company insurance or any other type you will ask for.

So, even in the most rough situations (like disability, sudden death, long time hospitalization), a insured person feels more prepared and less depended on fortune.

In our insurance company leading by Marios Mavromatis in Paros we know how precious our health is and at the same time how uncertain we feel about our health. Public medicinal system increases this uncertainty. That’s why we are here and we try to offer solution to any problem may come up.

For any further information please contact with us, and we will find the best health insurance program made just for you and your needs.

10 Things to Consider Before Buying Health Insurance

Claim Process

Family Health Insurance

Selecting the right insurance amount

Network hospitals

Maternity benefits

Pre/post hospitalization

Lifetime Renewal

Free Medical Check-up